Thursday, April 16, 2009

Tell me it just ain't so

Sunday, after church, Poopsie and I stopped
at a local grocery store for some garlic bread.

Janet Posten had baked us some of her world
famous spaghetti casserole and we wanted
some of the garlic bread to go with it.

Poopsie was at the wheel and in pretty much
of a hurry so that we could get home and
have some lunch, take a nap and get back
to church by 6 pm..

She turned into the parking lot and made
her way to the front of the building and
saw a parking spot.

It was a standing sign and she thought
it was a handicap sign so she took it.

While she was inside getting her garlic
bread, I happened to look up at the sign.
I could not wait for her to return so I could
ask her if it were true and I would soon be
a daddy again.
What do you think ??????

1 comment:

Lisa said...

LOL you are too funny. When do we need to arrange a baby shower? Love you two. Lisa