Saturday, April 25, 2009

Mow Man Magic or Voodoo.

I used to think that I was the only one with
bad luck when it came to lawnmowers.

Mine had to go to the shop for a couple of days
and it has been there for four weeks waiting
for John Deere to authorize a free engine.

My grass was getting deep. Strangers were
stopping by and asking if it would be alright
with me if they went on Safari in my yard.

Then came John to the rescue. He came with
his truck, his trailer, his push mower and his
riding mower. But he also came with my
Mow Man luck.

His push mower would not start.
His riding mower had to have a jump start
Then he had to tighten something under the
cutting deck.
Then the belt that turned the blades broke.

He came up to the porch to say goodbye and on
his way back to his truck he fell into a hole
and went to his knees. He looked like he was
only three feet tall. Poor John.

He went home and bought a new belt and
attempted to cut his neighbors yard and then
a part of the cutting deck fell off.

However pitiful it was, he tried. Lord bless him.
Thanks John and welcome to the Mow Man club.

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Poor John.