Thursday, March 12, 2009

Hurry up Spring.

Poopsie took Dolly out this evening
to fertilize the yard.

Poopsie does not like the cold.

She went out but she came back
very quickly and got her heavy
robe so she could be warm.

It was like this only a week or so ago.

Everything was frozen.

So was Poopsie.

So was the dog.

This past weekend was beautiful.

The temps got into the low 80's.

But, today temps dropped again.

Poopsie is saying her prayers and
waiting for Spring to finally set in.

So is Dolly and Daddy.

This is what we are waiting for again.


Kristi said...

That last picture is an OLD pictures!!! You haven't had your split rail up in years.

And isn't it funny that the whole time mom worked, she prayed for snow instead of spring.

Ha haaaa!!


Lisa said...

Loved the pictures. I hope you both are doing well and I do hope Spring is here to stay :)