Monday, March 2, 2009

The Answer was so simple.

I like to look nice when I go out.

Yesterday I was dressing for the
trip to Sunday School and Church.

It became clear to me that almost
every tie I chose to match my suit
had a stain somewhere on the tie.

My wife is always on my case
about spilling food on my ties when
we are eating out together.

Usually, she takes them to the
dry-cleaners........when I give them
to her.....but, most of the time, I

That leaves me with a closet full
of ties that have small amounts of
gravy, peas, salad, juice, butter
(did I tell you how much I
love butter ?) and other wonderful
buffet items, all over them.

What is a man to do ?

I found the answer. No more
smells, no more mold (green and
blue and yellow, ect.) No more
having Poopsie giving me "down
the road".

The answer.........

Gentlemen, as soon as you get
home, take off the tie and hang it
in the refrigerator.

It works for me. Pop.

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Kristi said...

That's good can always go back and bite or suck off all the flavors.


Lisa said...

LOL Those frozen ties will make a great midnight snack.