Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Just White Enough for me.

Without any snow that would
stick to the ground in several
years, This is what we awoke to
yesterday at 7am.

The lake did have a little ice, but
not much. And, that was good for
the ducks who live there.

This is Poopsie's snowmobile.
She will not be out in the snow and
neither will I.

Dolly had never seen snow before
and had a problem trying to decide
on what it was. She sniffed and
pawed and licked and at last she
decided that she did like it.
It was difficult getting her to
come back in. Once she got up
on my lap and fell asleep, no more
problems. She slept for two hours.
(so did I)


Nanny said...

The photos turned out great. I really enjoyed what we did get even though it was not much.
I did like the photo of my snowmobile. It was looking better than what I thought.
The picture of the lake is so pretty.
Thanks for sharing it with me.
I love you,

Larry...the Mow Man said...

I were great. Did Dolly play out for a long time?


Kristi said...

Oh brother...I was still signed in as you when I left that comment. LOL

What a Marroon!