Saturday, January 24, 2009

Please, just give me a hand.

Pretty gruesome, huh ?

Today my son John came over very
early in the morning and we decided
that the three of us would go to
"Sams" for supplies.

When we arrived, John got out and
had his back turned to me. (I was
in the back seat).
I took hold of the door frame since
both doors were open and attempted
to pull myself out.

John slammed the door shut and
pinned me to the Ford.

I screamed like an out-of-work
Alien, and John turned to see
me passing out for the third time.

Poopsie saw the the door (did I
mention that it was on my hand?)
on my hand, and heard my screams
close up. She then began to scream
and we screamed in unison for several
minutes. (the door was closed...shut...
all the way.) (I had no feeling from
my tongue down.)

John opened the door and I fell out
into the floor. My pulse was pounding,
my eyes were flowing with tears and
slobbers were dripping down my shirt.
(and that was the good side of it.)

I was....and am.....still bruised a
bit, but all ended well. No broken
bones and nothing sticking out of
the skin.

I won't be able to pick my nose
with that hand for a while but thank
goodness, I have two hands.

We completed our shopping and
arrived back at E.R.
visit needed.

John had a trunk load of groceries
and felt better about his life until he
realized that he had come over on
his motorcycle. I took his goodies
home for him and drove with my
sore hand. (I did tell you about my
hand, didn't I ?)

Kristi thought the whole episode
was great and wanted to know if she
had moved up in the standing to
receive the empire when I pass on.

I told her that she was now number 1
and that John had fallen to number 3.

She wanted to know who was in the
number 2 slot and I told her it was a
woman from Ranlo, N.C. I just don't
know her name, Yet.


Twinmama said...

Sorry to hear about your smashed hand! Eee-yeowch!- and you were right, the picture is quite gruesome! There sure was at lot of ketchup, I mean blood! ;)

Kristi said...

Great makeup affects, daddy. Made it all so real. LOL

I'm sorry that happened. I can't believe my brother could and would do something so terrible. He's a sorry excuse for a son!

Bless your little heart.

~Bunny Rabbit

A Hoppy Teacher said...

You are a nut!!!! Thanks for the laugh...oh was that supposed to be funny?

Lori said...

I just wanted to let you know, that I have been praying for you today. I got to meet Kristi last night at church and she told me that you were having tests run today.

Lisa said...

Poor thing. Thy are going to kill you. Im sorry about your hand. I can hear you and poopsie screamimg now.Were praying for you.