Tuesday, December 9, 2008

All I want for Christmas is a Pony.

This is Shirley. She is 74 years old.
She lives just outside the city limits
of Shelby, N.C.
Janice and I met her at the Ortho-
Carolina Offices today.
Shirley has a few broken bones.
How you ask ?
Shirley was thrown from a horse
pulled wagon....74 and thrown from
a horse pulled wagon.
Someone came up behind her and
blew air into a bag and popped it.
She asked that they not do that
again because of the horse.....
but they did, and the horse jumped
and turned over the cart she was
driving. (Did I mention that she
is 74 years old ? )
Her attitude is beautiful and she is
such a friendly lady. She presented
a photo album and showed us her
beautiful flowers. And, of course,
her pony.
She said that when she was about
6 years old her daddy gave her a pony
and a cart. All the rest is history.
Shirley is anxious to heal.
Why ?????
She wants to get back on her cart
pulled by her beloved pony and live
life to the fullest. After all, she is
only 74. And her mother lived to be
94 years of age.
The way Shirley looks at it is that
if she lives as long as her mother
did, she still has another twenty
years to ride her cart and love
her pony.
Get well soon, Shirley.
And God bless you.
P. S.
Poopsie saw her doctor and got
a wonderful report on her healing.
She is happy today.


Lisa said...

Wow That was a mean thing for someoe to do to this lady. I am so happy dear Janice is progessing well.
Hugs to her (((Janice)))

Kristi said...

It's nice that she's sweet, but what a horrible story! I have to admit it kind of made me mad.




Sometimes, people act so thoughlessly and other are hurt by their actions. I am thankful that the lady had the right attitude in spite of the wrong done to her.

I pray that she heals quickly and is back with her pony very soon. I am sure she does not want to waste a moment.

I am so glad Janice had a good report. What a blessing.

I wanted to stop by and wish you and your family a very Merry Christmas from Jim and me. May your New Year brings you so many wonderful blessings. jim and connie