Thursday, February 5, 2009


This morning I have been
re-living some of the scenes
from the movie, "The Wizard of Oz."

You remember the scene when the
house from Kansas falls on the wicked
witch and she is found by her sister ?

Remember the screams and how
the dead witch's legs curl up ?

Well, that is about what happened to
me this morning at 5am.

I was sound asleep on the couch with
my cozy blankie covering me.

It was dark and cold outside.

Wolves and rabbits cuddled together
in an effort to stay warm but there
I was, sleeping the sleep of a new born
baby wrapped in the comfort of his
mother's arms.

Then, suddenly, I woke to the snoot
of my Dolly's wet nose in my face as
she stopped by to say "howdy" to her
daddy. No real problem....yet.
But then I streatched out and cramps
attacked me in the darkness.

I felt as though I was the witch in the
movie as my feet and legs began to
curl up to my body. The screams
were frightening (did I mention that
they were my own ?)

I jumped to my feet and took off.
I did not know where I was going....
I was just going.

The pain slowly went away....and
I hope it stays. Anyway, I feel much
better now and I am even planning to
have a good day in the Lord.

The pain and suffering he had on
the cross makes what we suffer...

I decided to post some this morning
as Dolly had gone back to her bed.

Wet snoot and all.

And Poopsie, all tucked away in the
comfort of her "Big" bed and her
electric blanket......never knew of my
trip back to the land of "OZ" and
the house that fell on me.

(I didn't have a pic of her in her bed

so this will have to do.)

As I said, I am going to try and have

a good day today in spite of the rude

awaking at 5am.

My mind is floating away to a nice

warm place on a private little island

where the water is clean and the hut

is filled with biscuits and gravy and,

oh yes,
Diet Sun-drop. Pop.

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