Saturday, February 7, 2009


As you well know, this is a picture
of Abraham Lincoln.

He was the 16th President of these
United States.

He is best known for his signing of
the Emancipation Proclamation.
It set the Black man free.

Last week, Poopsie put me to work
cleaning the house. She had a page
full of things for me to do.

Well, sorry to say, (its me saying it)
Poopsie seems to like the idea.
So much that she choose to involve
me in the cleaning again today.

Is this not pitiful? Even the dog does
not look at me quite the same.

Buffaloes ? Today it was more like
African Wilder beasts had roamed our

I have to prepare to go and preach a
message at the nursing home on the
"Ugly Duckling"

After looking at the last picture....
I am starting to feel what the
Ugly Duckling felt.

I have found 26 new ways to hold
on to the mop and broom.

I have dish-pan hands,
dish-pan elbows,
dish-pan hips,
and maybe a case of mange.

Twin Momma told me at church
that she wanted the list that Poopsie
gave me. Why ?

I can only pray for her poor husband.

But, I can't wait to see him in an apron
and some cleaning rags hanging out of
his pocket.

My question for you Mr. Lincoln is,
"What about the poor old white man ?"

Where does it end? When do I get my
40 acres and a mule ?

Or must I endure this apron and these
stripes on my back forever ?

Is this the fate of old white men ?

P.S. Twin Momma

The list has grown to two sheets, as
you can see. I will bring them to you
if you want.



Anonymous said...

After reading, on you'r profile, all the things that you are involved in, you finish by saying that you spend the rest of your time being a grandfather. It sure looks to me like you spend the rest of your time doing house work.Ha ha Ain't it fun being grandpa or papa or whatever. Jim McEntire (THE OLD TEXAS NAIL BENDER)

Lisa said...

Bro. Larry
You just want do! I am happy to see you are able to clean and help your sweet Poopsie.I must bring my DH over for lessons real soon. Love your new Blog design.Enjoy this lovely day.