Thursday, February 12, 2009

Credit, where credit is due.

This is a trailer hitch.

It is on the back of my truck.

I had a difficult time getting the
one that I needed.

My son, John, went on the Internet
and found the right one and sent
for it.

When the hitch arrived, John and
his friend at Lithium came by the
house and put it on for me.

All this took place back in the middle
of summer.

It took a long time to attach it to
the underside of the truck and the
temperature was near 95 degrees.

John and Scott were crawling around
under the Toyota and the shade from
the truck was all they had to give them
a break.

I took them some cold ice water and
knelt down with them.

I noticed that the sweat drops were
falling from John's face and splattering
on the concrete, leaving large spots where
they fell.

It made me think of how Jesus shed
sweat drops as blood when he prayed
in the garden just before he was

You don't really give unless the one
(or ones) you are giving to, actually mean
anything to you.

Jesus prayed for strength to face such
severe suffering for me....and you.

I love Him for his suffering on the cross
to redeem me from sin.

I love John for his suffering in the
terrible heat....down on his knees
for nearly two hours in order to get
my hitch locked into place.

All because he loves me...thanks John.

Credit.....where credit is due. pop

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